This week we’re going to share with you how we worked with the Thor of the health and fitness world, Shawn Stevenson to turn his podcast into an animation. We have created a number of animated videos for Shawn but seeing as it’s Halloween this week we thought we’d start with our scariest short. 


Shawn is the creator and host of the #1 Health Podcast, The Model Health Show. He’s also a bestselling author of Sleep Smarter, an entrepreneur and founder of Advanced Integrative Health Alliance providing his expertise worldwide.


The brief?

Shawn wanted us to maximize the value of his podcasts and grab the attention of potential clients with something new!


He had another health and fitness expert, Drew Manning on his show. Drew is the author of the New York Times best-seller, Fit2Fat2Fit where he gained and lost 75lbs in an experiment! Also, he is the unchallenged King of Keto and has his own podcast and TV show.  


The clip we selected from the video interview was of Shawn and Drew talking about Drew’s morning routine being disrupted by the kids waking up.


Check it out below…

A Nightmare on Shawn Street – the story behind the animated podcast

It’s a completely standalone tangent in the podcast, but the clip made an excellent story for us to transform into an spooky animation that Shawn could use over and over again. 


In the clip, Drew is explaining that it is hard to keep a consistent morning routine because as a Dad, he is  often woken up in the middle of the night by his kids when they have had nightmares. And it’s not the case that Drew has made the kids watch Jurassic World 2. Not at all.  Drew tells us that his kids get nightmares from Paw Patrol!


But this strikes a chord with Shawn, who is forced to relive his childhood experience at the drive-in with his Mom.


I’m 5 years old, it’s a double feature, Nightmare On Elm Street, and Basket Case right! True Story.  I’m 5! Freddy Kreuger was consistently in my dreams for like the next 7-8 years.”


By age 8, Shawn is fed up with Freddy chasing him in his dreams. Tired of running he decides to have it out with Freddy.


“We gotta stop! You know you’re gonna keep chasing me, I’m gonna keep running. We’re not getting anywhere.”


Shawn and Freddy hug it out. And you know what, maybe Freddy was just misunderstood and pushed around as a little kid for wearing the wrong sweater? I know if Michael Myers and Jason bullied me at school, I’d be messed up for a while!


A Nightmare on Shawn Street – the Animated Podcast


How we strategically set about turning this story into a podcast animation?


Before we start creating any piece of content, we always think strategically of how we can optimize value for our clients. We want to go above and beyond and we always consider how we can break down a full length show and repurpose it for maximum effect. 


Even though it went off on a tangent, we knew that we could make this story into a great piece of evergreen content that Shawn could use for Halloween for years to come.


It was SO rich with detail and awesome characters that we made were able to repurpose the podcast and the “nightmare” segment into its own Halloween story animation. All this out of just 2 minutes’ worth of content.



Welcome to prime “animation” time…

Let’s break down the detail of what we did in this animated podcast.


  • We created more of a role for Drew. We extended the audio clip so that we could give Drew Manning more of a starring role. The reason for this is that it would give Drew something that he could post and share (Drew did in fact share this and it ended up doubling the animated podcast’s reach)
  • We brought the characters to life. I mean we couldn’t leave out King Keto’s arms!! We’ve even got his tattooed sleeve in there
  • Throw in some added “nightmarish” characters. We create the Jurassic World T-Rex and transform Chase into an evil pupper from Paw Patrol. We also have Freddy surrounded by his horror-character schoolmates. All the delightful school buddies are there, Chucky, Scream, Jason, Regan, Michael Myers
  • Added some visual story details. These are the extra visual details that really add to the story. We don’t have to say anything, we just drop them into the animation. When little Shawn is riding to the drive-in – did you see the billboard up on the hill. “Now Showing: Nightmare on Elm Street and Basket Case.” Freddy’s crush on Regan shows him handing over a love note, “to my favorite head-turner.” In response Regan, shows us her signature move in the classroom, vomiting all over poor Freddy
  • Rounded it out with some sound effects. We pulled some iconic 80s sound effects out the bag for this one. We added that quintessential running sound effect from the Flintstones. We add in some dinosaur roars and the Freddy Krueger laugh. Each one helped to layer up the story and give it some added depth


The results?


Shawn had some great Halloween content, formatted for all his social platforms (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and IGTV).


And, the video also allowed him to connect with people based on their own scary movie experiences.


    With over 7.6k views and 100 comments – we say we think we nailed it.


    “I could watch that cartoon everyday!”


    “This was the best animated version of your story EVER!! Haha”
    fit2fatfit (Drew Manning)


    It connected with Shawn’s audience, anyone interested in Halloween or scary movies and Drew’s audience too. Fun and entertaining content, especially if it’s topical, engages people and encourages them to interact.


    Key Takeaways


    We also like to give you some “bonus” material in our blogs. So, what were this week’s key takeaways…


    • Don’t show your kids Jurassic World II before bedtime. Paw Patrol is ok, maybe
    • Don’t show a 5-year-old Nightmare on Elm Street – ever!
    • Face your fears and your nightmares
    • Every horror character has probably had some terrible childhood – give them a break! 


    What are the benefits of repurposing your audio into animation?


    Let us count the multiple ways that you can now use your new animated podcast:


    • Expand your reach beyond your podcast audience.
    • Increase your reach by using your content on YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world
    • Connect with new audiences on social media
    • Tap into that social video content loved by all the platforms right now
    • Use that video to increase your engagement
    • Feature influencers who can re-share that content to their audiences too
    • Get your podcast audience to start engaging with your podcasts
    • Open up your content to your audience in a way that suits them
    • Re-use that Halloween video content year on year


    Don’t limit yourself to just one medium. We took a podcast moment where the guest and host go off track to create a unique standalone piece of evergreen Halloween video content.  We can do the same for you. We strive to give more value to our clients than they expect. Our animations always give that little bit extra.


    Find out how you can create evergreen holiday content with an animated podcast that will grow your business.


    Food Fight Studios specialize in a diverse range of animation styles, ranging from 3D, motion comic, kinetic typography, and more.  If you have a podcast or audiobook that you’d like to bring to life through animation, get in touch.