who we are

Meet the instigators of stand-out, short-form animation. At Food Fight Studios, we create kickass animations for anyone interested in breaking convention.


we're not an agency...

But we get **it done.

We're an eclectic team of creative do-ers and strategic alchemists – we thrive on rolling up our sleeves and doing the hard work.

Our award-winning team can bring your vision to life with concepts and storyboards, music and annotation, and final production.

meet your
dream team

the problem solvers

Jon_FFS Pic (1)

Jon "Briggs"

Founder & owner

The creator, the vision, the face of FFS. Head of strategy and quality control, Jon knows everything and nothing at all.

Sharon Joseph_Poses-01


creative ops

Creative Ops and team Camp Counselor supervising the process while enabling the vision. “Rules are for people who don’t know how to break them,” – personal mantra.



your ops guy

The engine under the hood! Mike brings over a decade of operational business & project management experience to Food Fight Studios.

the creative geniuses

Ash_FFS Pic (1)

Asher "Ashmantoons"

head animator

Formerly a Waiter turned Actor turned self taught Head Animator. Now the student is the professor shaping the way we see visuals.

Potts_FFS Pic

Paul "Pottz"

character designer

Saving our asses with fast and funny animations daily. Loves classic cinema and sushi.

Taylor Peterson_FFS_Pose

Taylor "Tay"

creative director

Creative Director with a strategic backbone. She’s well versed in photography, design, marketing, and industry news and still finds time to sustain a TikTok obsession.

Payton_FFS -

Payton "P"


Graphic Design SHEro for static content across the board. Best at brand makeovers and has a serious beanie collection.

Rik_FFS Pic

Rik "Gikky"

GFX Artist

Out of this world motion gfx specializing in the third dimension (that’s fancy speak for 3D). Toured the world animating remotely before it was cool.

Penny Prince-


the voice guy

The Voice of FFS, Penny’s vocal acting has finessed many projects. Perfect for parodies and beyond, he’s our resident VO talent.

Ozi_FFS_Bike Pose



Illustrator, Sketch Artist, and Comic style secret sauce of Food Fight Studios.

the special ops

Cindy_FFS -IMG


business ops

From planning to implementation, Cindy handles the bizness. And she can make sure yours is on point too.

Angel Cotton - FFS - (1)


executive assistant

Angel has us covered and hails from being a triple threat on stage from her singing - acting - dancing career.

Anna_FFS -Full Body-2


social & blog strategy

Loves to write, loves to research, and loves the performance of all things social & blog strategy.