Aug 3, 2022

Anna is passionate about anything that involves the written word. Whether it's long-form blog posts or short-form social copy you'll find her buried deep in a Google Doc, WordPress post, or Medium article somewhere. When she's not writing, the social verse is her alibi.

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Evening friends!

And welcome to August, btw. Did July fly by for anyone else?

TikTok is continuing to grow, and it isn’t going anywhere. With its 1 billion monthly active users, there’s a niche out there for literally just about anyone (or brand!). As such, it’s important to know how to use the app for your business — so I’m dropping a couple of tips to help!

  • Put your own unique spin on trends. Don’t make your videos sale-sy. Make your brand personable. Ask yourself: how can your viewers get a better idea about you and what your product or offering is all about?
  • Identify your unique value add. There’s a reason you’re doing what you’re doing. It’s because no one’s going to do it just like you. Showcase THAT in your videos.
  • Quantity over quality. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend posting a video with no strategy behind it just to post. But, on TikTok, it’s important not to overproduce your content. It’s easy to get too much in your head about what to publish, but TikTok users value rawness and authenticity above all else.
  • Learn from your followers. Listen to feedback. Read the comments. Social media can be a vital piece to making informed business decisions — and TikTok is no different.

As always, do your own investigating, and you’ll find your content groove. TikTok tips to go viral can only take you so far. The proof, as they say, is in the posting.

In this edition:

  • The Kardashians Can’t Save Instagram Forever
  • TikTok to provide more insights into their app’s trends
  • Real-time analytics in Pinterest
  • A New TikTok Guide on Using Audio for Marketing Campaigns
  • Snapchat+ outpaces Twitter Blue after only one month
  • Trending audios of the week

Anna Klawitter
Editor | The SAUCE

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The Kardashians Won’t Always Be Able To Save Instagram

Instagram has received enough kickback on its latest updates to last a lifetime, with comments like “horrible” and “seriously WTF” heard throughout the virtual hallways. Even IG users in the highest realm of influence — like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian — reshared a meme begging the company to “Make Instagram Instagram again,” igniting a full-on crisis.

The tweets, comments, and overall outcry worked! Since my last appearance in your inbox, Instagram has put a pause on the TikTok-like Feed Redesign, recommended content, and full-screen experiences. This means those who despised the latest updates can finally breathe a sigh of relief. But don’t hold your breath; we can’t always be sure what IG’s Adam Mosseri will do next.

It has been quite shocking to see the Instagram boss backpedal, but it’s nice to know that perhaps he’s listening, and we’ll see Instagram make a turn back to being Instagram…not another TikTok.


TikTok To Provide More Insights Into The App’s Trends

Amid increasing scrutiny from regulators and lingering questions, the social media company has taken steps to provide assurance that it’s not censoring certain content or amplifying particular perspectives. They plan to add API access points to enable academics and researchers to understand how their systems work.

The investigations should yield interesting results. It may reveal more about its user trends, moderation, as well as its recent decision to remove more NSFW content.

Maybe it’ll also shine light on the Secret sauce of TikTok’s ‘For You’ feed and just how they’re able to suggest content like they’ve read your mind. 

I’m sure Instagram will be scribbling pages upon pages of notes…


Real-time analytics in Pinterest could be the advantage you’re looking for

H/T Yasser Masood

Pinterest has officially launched real-time analytics elements within Pin Analytics on mobile, which will provide more data on exactly how your Pins are performing at any given time. It could be a helpful guide for your Pin strategy.

Real-time insights are powerful. But be careful to not let them lead you to knee-jerk reactions, switching your plans and content around before they have time to gain traction. These insights will give you valuable guide notes for your strategy, which could help you make more informed decisions on your Pin process.


the secret sauce

A TikTok guide on using audio for marketing campaigns

TikTok has become the new frontier for content creators, with more innovative ways to share their creativity. To help harness that creativity through audio, the platform recently released a new 12-page guide with case studies and how each brand has used audio aspects to boost messaging.

Whether you’re a brand or influencer, sound is an important element in your video strategy. It’s crucial for creating resonant campaigns. Given that ‘sound off’ has long been the best way to maximize viewership and attention, it’s a crucial shift in thinking.

If you’re on TikTok, tap into the trends and use the trending audio to your advantage!


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Snapchat+ outpaces Twitter Blue after only one month

Snapchat is tapping into the lucrative world of premium subscriptions with its Snapchat+ offering, launched on June 29th, 2022. And it’s already outpacing Twitter Blue

For $3.99 per month, the Snapchat+ subscription allows app users to see who has rewatched their Stories, change their app icon, gain web access to the app, pin users as a “#1 Best Friend,” and try out pre-release features, and more.

Since the first 30 days of the subscription’s arrival, Snapchat has generated approximately $7.3 million in worldwide consumer spending.

It’s already larger than Twitter’s in-app revenue, totaling nearly $4 million since Twitter Blue’s June 2021 launch — over a year’s time. Snapchat+ could succeed because it has more power users than Twitter, as 34% of its active installs open the app every day compared with just 19% for Twitter.


the trending SAUCE

Stop digging for the latest top trends; we’ve got them right here for you.

Original Audio by barbarakristoffersen — Use the first part of the audio to list something you’d like to hear when first meeting someone; when the beat drops, write something that’s a big no for you. This one’s growing fast!

Unreal — Just sync this audio to videos you’ve taken of your business or life that feel (sparkle emoji) unreal 

Typing sound — Use this audio while filming yourself from your phone’s POV and move your fingers over the camera like you’re typing a paragraph. This audio is great for sharing a common misconception in your niche in long paragraph form.

I need to feel something — Use this audio to reveal something that triggers or annoys you. For me, it’s loud chewing noises.


Anna Klawitter

Anna is passionate about anything that involves the written word. Whether it's long-form blog posts or short-form social copy you'll find her buried deep in a Google Doc, WordPress post, or Medium article somewhere. When she's not writing, the social verse is her alibi.